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Keynote by Antonia Bertolino


Can your software be validated to accept candies from strangers?

  May 19, 2010      13.30 - 14.30
Auditorium of the CNR Research Area

Software engineering is moving from a static, design-time process model to a dynamic, run-time one. Principles and methodologies concerning all software development phases: modeling, coding, integration, testing, need to be reconsidered and adapted to such new distributed paradigms where no single organization is in control.

Indeed, the concept of a software vendor that consults with customers and builds for them an application is more and more going to be replaced by the on-the-fly composition of available services: for future software, accepting candies (services) from strangers will be the norm.

Similarly, the figures of the quality manager and of the tester are going to be redefined.
For instance, who is taking the role of the tester in a distributed choregraphy of services?

In this talk we focus on the challenges, but also the opportunities, that the new pervasive, multi-tenant service-based systems pose to the software testing process as we know it today.
We outline some proposals for a collaborative online testing approach through which interoperability among (consenting) strangers can be validated.

Antonia Bertolino
  (http://www.isti.cnr.it/People/A.Bertolino) is a Research Director of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), in Pisa, where she leads the Software Engineering Research Laboratory.
She investigates approaches for rigorous and automated model-based integration and system testing, for service-oriented and component-based test methodologies, as well as methods for evaluation of extra-functional properties of compound systems.
Currently she is involved in the FP7 projects TAS3 and CONNECT.
She is a member of the General Scientific Council of the CNR and of the ITA-STQB, the Italian Chapter of the ISTQB.
She serves as the Area Editor for Software Testing for the Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software; she is also an Associate Editor of Springer Empirical Software Engineering Journal, and of the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
She serves regularly in the Program Committees of the main events in software engineering and testing, including ISSTA, ESEC/FSE, ICSE, TESTCOM/FATES, CBSE.
She has (co)authored over 90 papers in international journals and conferences.

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